I AM Astra – Biz Success Seer and W.E.A.L.T.H™ Alchemist for the Spiritual Leaders of the New Earth

I AM here in this lifetime to share my story with you – my most magical Messenger/Up-and-Coming Spiritual Leader Tribe – and support YOU in creating YOUR happiest, healthiest and wealthiest biz and life reality: In fact, your YOUniverse!

It is my sacred promise that I do so – every day, in every way – as feels good in my entire BE-ing.

I am deeply honored to be your partner, your champion and witness, as you….

Create your fabulously, divinely designed (one-size-fits-YOU) YOUniverse!
Each of us contains perfect blueprints within, for our deepest happiness – in all aspects of our lives.

Each of our blueprints are unique – thankfully! – as we are All One, yet unique Stars – in this, our miraculous Cosmos.

We reflect the Cosmos and carry miracles within us at all times – miracles that we ALWAYS have the power to bring forth as our realities, if we but simply choose to tap in and MANIFEST our desires.

Thus it is written.

I’m so grateful to BE HERE with you!

~ Astra

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More about me & my back story:

I have run my own vibrational healing business(es) since 2003.

I’ve been facilitating M.A.P. Work™ (M.A.P. = Money, Abundance, Prosperity) with my clients since 2006.

I’ve been a practicing shaman since 2006 and an online coach since 2011, specializing in money mindset and visibility &success for spiritual entrepreneurs.

I have been (and still am!):

  • shaman and medium for several lifetimes
  • An Abundance Empowerment Coach since 2006
  • Soul Biz Success Coach for Messengers since 2011

I have been connecting clients with their personal power since I started my first healing practice in 2003 as a flower essence practitioner. I also brought in my work with Animal Totems, and began creating Animal Totem Essences for my clients. Animal spirits are here on Earth to connect humans with our personal power.

In 2004 I brought in my energy healing (which I’d become certified in back in 1996), as well as my intuitive readings.

In 2006, upon completion of my shamanic training, my practice became about connecting clients with their personal power on a deep soul level, as well as working with them on the levels of energy, emotions and mind – all of which, when balanced, support physical well-being.

Also in 2006, Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Prosperity, granted me the gift of a Prosperity Healing, and taught me how to give these healings as well – and I have utilized this gift regularly during client sessions.

In 2010 I was downloaded with the 9 key aspects of opening to your abundance by Abundantia, the Roman Goddess of Prosperity and Good Fortune.

In 2011 I was guided to begin my intuitive business coaching and abundance work with Soulpreneurs who have spiritual gifts and a message to share, and I’ve continued this work to this day.

In 2013 I was downloaded with divine information regarding visibility for the Messengers of Earth, and began implementing this information with clients through my Soul Biz at that time: Magnificent Messengers. I have continued the visibility work to this day.

In 2015 I was blessed to partner with and channel messages from Queen Mab, the Fairy Queen, who has come forward to assist humans in connecting with their Money Moxie (Mab’s words! 😉 ), for more abundance and money flow.

ALSO: I have been surrounded by the Archangels all of my life, and they figure strongly into the work I do with clients as well.


All my life I would say – in GENERAL – I have been a happy human. However, over the course of my Empowerment Journey I have encountered those places within myself that would not concur! At times I have felt discouraged – depressed, even – especially in the early years. But my inner-truth-KNOWER (if that’s a thing, LOL) – my inner-truth-KNOWER…well, she KNEW!

She knew it was completely impossible for me to BE unhappy.

Because my TRUE Self knows that it’s ALL an illusion, and I get to paint my picture however it pleases me!

Now when I look back at old journals and see such self-deprecating remarks that I had long since written, I can see the main core reason I felt that way – and it truly had nothing to do with ME at all.

It had to do with my being sensitive and empathic: I.E. my proclivity to taking on the unhelpful energy of others! And the more I learned how to work with energy, the happier I felt – because I taught myself how to NO LONGER take on all the heavy “stuff” from the outside world!

Now I create my own happiness from within – every day.



Over the course of my Empowerment Journey I have suffered – and healed my Self from – COUNTLESS long-term illnesses and CHRONIC PAIN – including:

~Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)
~Chronic colds and flu
~Chronic bronchitis and sinusitis
~Chronic ear aches and sore throats
~Chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome
~Chronic menstrual cramps/Dysmenorrhea
~Kidney infections (can we say FEAR? – p.s. Google “Kidneys, Chinese Medicine”!) 😉
~Nerve damage in my neck and back from multiple car accidents/other accidents/injuries
~PMS/Chronic Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD)

Throughout the course of my life (before I knew healing was possible), I was just about ALWAYS on some sort of medication – which takes such a toll on the body.

I am so fantastically happy to announce that I am now ailment and medication FREE…because I took my health and healing 100% into my own hands!


DISCLAIMOR >> I am a Whole Health Intuitive – I can see the core reason behind illness, and patterns leading up to physical ailments, and as an Energy Healer I can bring these issues back into balance. I teach you how to see these core reasons as well, and how to balance them out, so you can improve your own vitality as you see fit. I am not a Medical Doctor. I do not diagnose or treat physical medical conditions. I do not advise you to stop or change any medications you are currently taking. You will need to talk to your M.D. or Naturopath about this when you feel that is the right choice for you. You are empowered to be in charge of your health and vitality.


As a sensitive soul growing up I encountered OH so many folks who operated in a state of poverty consciousness – because that is what THEY were taught growing up. Each time I heard stories of lack or statements of “not enough,” something about it did not ring true in my soul. Somewhere deep inside I KNEW that lack was impossible – I could feel the abundant Universe expanding at all times even as someone announced: “I can’t afford that,” or “There’s not enough money.”*

As a child I did not have the facilities to outwardly teach the abundance truths that I felt – but they continued to move and grow within me. It wasn’t until years later, when I “came out” as a shaman (2006 to be exact) that I began teaching Prosperity to my clients and Tribe. It has been such a huge awakening, and a huge blessing for me to be able to pass on to my peeps what I have always known:

Abundance is not a privilege – it is our TRUTH! Our BIRTHRIGHT as Humans, here for each one of us to claim!*

Lack is created in the mindAbundance is OF THE UNIVERSE. Which do YOU think is more powerful? 😉

YOU ARE here to have it all.

Movement Four – MY PEACE JOURNEY:

In November of 2015 I had an epiphany. I was on the phone with a great friend and colleague who had reached out to me. She was having a panic attack and experiencing an extreme amount of fear in regards to stepping into her Truth as the teacher she came here to be in this lifetime. She was in tears and her stress levels were high. Shortly into the phone call I stopped her. “Dude, just chill out!” I stated bluntly – not out of anger; simply to calm the energies so that we could process through the situation.

As I blurted out those words: “DUDE! Just chill OUT!” I stopped suddenly, and HEARD the words in my own ears. I realized that – as we are all mirrors of each other – I was just as much blurting the words to MYSELF as to my friend…and HUGE WAVES of realization came rushing in:

>> Not only was my friend addicted to STRESS…I WAS, TOO!

>> HECK, probably just about the whole WORLD of spiritual biz owners are Addicted. To. STRESS!!

And so…why is this?

I began talking to my friend (who was pulling herself together on the other end of the phone). I let her in on all of the info that was rolling in – about stress; cortisol levels; fight-or-flight states of being. I talked of the Old Earth business mindsets of push, struggle, “do, do, do” and “act, act, act,” – versus the New Earth Way of:


As all of this New Earth biz wisdom was channeling through me, my friend was nodding her head (I could feel it, she was nodding in agreement! 😉 ). “You’re right,” she said. “We have been so caught up in push and struggle and fight-or-flight. We have been taught since childhood that we are NOT ENOUGH. That we are NEVER enough. This stops here!”

I nodded, too. “YES! This stops here,” I said. “Enough. I will no longer allow this to be a reality for us, the Messengers – the Lightworkers. We are here to bring PEACE to business. And to LIFE!”


So, not only did this powerful phone call benefit my friend, it benefited ME, too – BIG-TIME! (And now it can benefit YOU!) From that moment on, I began listening to my body.

“Body,” I asked, “What do you need in order to come into a state of Peaceful Prosperity?”

“SLEEP,” said my body. And so I slept. From that moment forward – I slept. As much, and as often, as my body told me it needed.

>> If I didn’t finish every biz task on my “list” – so be it.

>> If sleep was more important than, say, writing a blog post – that was what we did, my wonderful body and I.

And I started to experience something that had heretofore eluded me. I was already happy and dis-ease free…I was already enjoying my abundance mindset in abundance…but now a beautiful NEW aspect of my empowerment, once missing, came flooding in:




My freedom journey has been…THIS. All of the above.

And as I type this, I am really getting for the first time that I absolutely, 100% HAD to go through every amazing leg of my journey – I had to process through it all in order to come into my true Happiness, Vitality, Abundance and Peace – on every level: Soul, energy, emotions, mind and body.

AND in order to finally BE Free! Free to BE, Dream, Create. Free to truly be ME.

And, of course, so that I can Be Here Now, doing what I am doing:

Opening up Create Your YOUniverse to you, my dear ones…so that we may come together in our hearts, and I can share with you all I have learned, and HOW I did it – and support YOU in discovering the hidden gems of Empowerment that each of you carries within…so you may fully step into, EMBRACE and ENJOY All that you ARE – all that you are meant to BE – in that beautiful, brilliant body of yours – in this, our most Marvelous, Miraculous lifetime on our Magical planet Earth!


#CreateYourYOUniverse !

~ Astra