8-Week Journey

Spiritual Leader BUTTERFLIES:
Embrace Your Power! 

As you know if you are HERE, I AM Astra, W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Channel
for the multi-dimensional, multi-gifted Spiritual Leaders of Earth.

If you are reading this, Beloved, you are likely READY to get unblocked, step into your Power and embrace your SUCCESS!

I am SOOO Excited to announce the arrival of the Spiritual Leader BUTTERFLIES Journey!

This CRAZY AMAZING 8-Week Journey is designed to clear any blocks you may be carrying to your Spiritual Leadership Success. We work together in support of your W.E.A.L.T.H.™ – your Whole Health, Empowerment, Abundance, Love, Transcendence and Happiness…So you may stand firmly in your Spiritual Leader power and SOAR!…Thereby guiding your Tribe into Empowerment as well!

>> Week One – We started last week (but you can join LITERALLY ANY TIME THIS WEEK! I will explain why at the end of this post!), easing into the program as we breathed, relaxed, let go of the old, and created the space for clarity. I provided for you our Clearing and Releasing Meditation. During ALL of the weeks I am here to answer each and every one of your questions, and work with you personally within our private Facebook group to process and release blocks, fears, anxieties – anything standing in the way of you owning your truth, standing in your power and putting yourself and your gifts out into the world in as big a way as you desire. I will answer all of your Spiritual Leadership questions in written form and via our Facebook Lives.

>> Week Two begins the more structured leg of our empowerment journey, as I begin sharing two divine channeled video classes per week and answer any questions you may have regarding the class material, and/or ANY aspect of your expansion and empowerment as I deliver my channeled success and empowerment activations.

>> Week Three adds a W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Activation Sound Healing into the channeled activation mix, along with our classes and in-group personalized support and healing.

>> Week Four…Comes the Butterfly Transformation Empowerment Meditation, PLUS another channeled divine W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Activation Sound Healing – along with our classes, personalized support and healing.

>> Week Five…Comes the guided Self-Healing for Success Bonus Classwith a section for being MAJORLY GROUNDED in your body, and grounded to the Earth – along with our 2 regularly scheduled divine vibrational classes, personalized support and healing.

>> Week Six…Some breathing and integrating space. I will be here to support you with any questions, challenges, experiences…PLUS our 2 regularly scheduled divine vibrational classes, personalized support and healing.

>> Week Seven (HEAVEN!)…Comes the Use Your Wings Empowerment Activation – along with our classes, personalized support and healing.

>> Week EIGHT…The “I’m Flying” Sound Healing will arrive to support you in feeling light as air and TOTALLY AT EASE WITH YOUR SUCCESS – along with our classes, personalized support and healing.

And then….

>> BONUS!! WEEK NINE!! Yes, I am throwing in a whole extra WEEK for integration, Success Alignment and personalized support with ME – which is why, even though we *officially* started last week, you really CAN safely join us at ANY TIME – and you won’t miss a thing! 

I spend a great deal of time in our private Facebook group in the late afternoons and late evenings – Central Time – so I am literally here for you each and every day during our time together. 

You will be SO SO SO supported on this journey – from the moment you sign up till the course is over – and BEYOND – forevermore! You will be Aligned, Activated and AWESOME. Not to mention AHHHmazing and simply…AHHHHH!!!!! 😀

(BTW you already ARE soooo awesome and completely amazing…FEEL IT, BABY!! CAN U Feel it? Awww yeah!)

>> But wait, there’s MORE!! #BONUSESBONUSESBONUSES – Our magical journey takes place IN MY MEMBERSHIP GROUP…Create Your YOUniverse-ity!! 

Which means not only will you have access to the Spiritual Leader BUTTERFLIES program during our months together…you will ALSO have access to EVERY course, program, Master Class, sound healing and training EVER included in my membership – a collection of offerings that I’ve been building over the last SEVERAL YEARS! 

>> PLUS – you will be included in our twice monthly Chakra Clearing and Balancing distance healing circles, our twice monthly W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alignment Distance Healing Circles – AND our weekly Archangel Healing and Manifesting Circles – AND our weekly Soul-Storming support days – AAAND our daily W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alignment Channeled Messages. WOW!!

Think of how quickly and easily your transformation and expansion will take place when you integrate ALL of this ABUNDANT VIBRATIONAL SUPPORT!!

>> PLUS – During our time together you will BE a member of my M.A.P.™ to Money Plentiful Palace membership to support you on expanding into your ABUNDANCE DESERVINGNESS VIBRATION. All of my YOUniverse-ity members automatically belong to the Palace – and so shall you! 🙂

Incidentally, ALL of my YOUniverse-ity members are included automatically in my courses and programs such as this one – so if you LOVE this course, you may want to consider becoming an ongoing member of the YOUniverse-ity!... Psst: You receive MAJOR DIVINE SAVINGS of over $700 when you sign up for the ANNUAL membership!

Within the membership group – in addition to and during our Spiritual Leader BUTTERFLIES journey – Here is what we work on together, vibrationally, for your Whole Soul Success:

  • Your money, abundance & prosperity vibration
  • Your empowerment, Owning your TRUTH & BEing who you ARE
  • Your confidence as MESSENGER in this lifetime
  • Your journey into COURAGEOUS LIVING
  • Your Visibility Comfort Zone
  • Your relationship with Self/Self-Love (which then positively carries over into relationships with your Tribe members and others!)
  • Your Whole Health and wellness on all levels of your BEing
  • Your Inner Peace (#InnerPeace4WorldPeace is one of my mottos!)
  • Your TRUST in your Self and God/Universe/the Force/the Power of Creation
  • Your unique manifesting and CREATION power – That you may design your divine Biz, Abundance, Relationships and life intentionally in every moment
  • Your ability to heal your Self – and any situation – at all times, in every way
  • AND…The healing, happiness & comfort of your Animal babies – who support you in so many ways – seen and unseen; let’s shower them with healing and love!


IT IS TIME, Dear One – CLAIM your SPACE in the Spiritual Leader Realm.
OWN your Truth.
Step INTO and EMBRACE your Power and your GIFTS.
Say YES to your monetary WEALTH and abundance.
Say YES to YOU.

HOW IS ALL THIS SOUNDING to YOU – and, more importantly, how does itFEEL??

As you read through this invitation from MY SOUL to YOUR SOUL, ARE YOU FEELIN’ IT in your bones and spirit and chakras and vibration?? And HEART??

My Little Secret: Every program I have ever chosen/purchased for my Self, I chose intuitively – according to how it  feels in my heart, soul and Whole Self.

And so I have always chosen correctly! 😉

Magic ONE: Your intuition is NEVER WRONG. If we are MEANT TO BE, then welcome! Welcome! WELCOME!!!


JOIN US on this Most Magical, Miraculous Journey!

HEAD’S UP: Tonight at Midnight CT we revert to regular YOUniverse-ity Monthly and Annual Tuition Pricing when you join.


>> Two Monthly Payments of $347: https://bit.ly/2LYDkAM

>> Three Monthly Payments of $247: https://bit.ly/2YG0nCb

Beloved: Say a Conscious YES to your joyous heart
and soul fulfillment.

BUTTERFLIES: Let’s do this!