The Healing Begins!


A friend of mine recently told me about some hurtful and unhelpful things someone had done to a friend of hers. I will not name names or go into detail – this post is not an exposé, nor is it a poo-flinging session.

The reason I am moved to write about this subject is because learning about these imbalanced acts of inhumanity made me remember that, over time, MANY people have seen fit to tell me about similar things that happened – either to themselves, or to someone they know.

I am not talking about every day instances or moments of normal human irritation, stress or bouts of anger, either.

I am talking about acts people could only perform if they are, or were, deeply and severely wounded – whether physically, mentally, emotionally or on a deep soul level – in this life or a past life – or all of the above! I am talking heinous acts performed by a person who doesn’t know real love, and does not know how to be in their power, and so they seek power through acts of hatred.

I am a magnet for such information. People seem to automatically know they can tell me these things; subconsciously they sense that I know how to process the info, and also that I will not spread the details of the info around.

I now realize there is an even deeper reason that this type of info flows my way.

It is because one of my jobs on Earth in this lifetime is to go back to the main core reason the wounded ones are now performing acts of hate. And to send love and healing into that very core.

I’ve sensed this off and on for several years, but have not done a huge amount of work around it. One example is once, back in 2008 or so, I was moved to regress back to the original point in time that the first wounded person found it necessary to pit dogs against one another in horrendous, painful battle as a source of entertainment, and as a way to cover up for their own human disempowerment. I did perform a healing there. It did not stop the epidemic in its tracks, but looking around now, awareness around this subject is far more widespread than it has ever been, with wonderful rescuers voicing their Truths – and amazing shows such as Pitbulls and Parolees airing rampantly on the TV!

Yes, it takes a village – but the healing begins with just one person telling another person about the wounds – and about the wounded.

When the core of the wound is acknowledged, the healing begins.

So when you see or hear of an enraged soul acting in hate and anger, if you can, take a moment to send love to the core of their wounds.

And if you can’t bring yourself to send the love, then tell me about it (no identities necessary, simply the circumstances and anonymous references to the people involved will do) and I will send love and healing to the wounds’ core.

Thank you.

Dearest Love,


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