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Empower YOU –

for your Happy, Healthy, Wealthy BIZ!

As a Soulful Entrepreneur I know you are anxious to get your biz started (or RE-started) and help your Tribe as soon as possible.
BUT: There are some extremely important foundations that need building – and inner shifts that need to take place – before you thrust yourself into the practical act of selling!
TRUST ME; I’ve been there! 

When I first took my business online back in 2011, I immersed myself in learning all I could about how business works on the Internet – and started putting all the info into place immediately.

What ended up happening was that, yes, I drummed up some business and attracted some great members of my Tribe – but found that I couldn’t keep up the pace for long – and things would eventually die down and fizzle out.

In retrospect I understand now that I wasn’t yet soulfully aligned with the amount of success I mentally wanted.

I wasn’t standing in my PERSONAL POWER –and so I would trip myself up before I could start attracting more clients!

I began to realize that – while I had been learning some wonderful, practical online biz tools – I was neglecting the MOST IMPORTANT AREA that absolutely needs to be on boardwith one’s success:

>> WITHIN! <<

Call it core, heart, SOUL….

…If you are a SPIRITUAL BUSINESS PERSON running an Earth-Based business,
Which is why I am so excited to share this program with you!

The Soul-Grown Dream Business Kit contains

the deepest, most important

 core business wisdom I have divined

as a Soulful Entrepreneur.

>> It’s got everything you’ll want to have in place BEFORE you start selling, in order to cultivate a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy biz!

Soul-Grown Dream Business Kit

In the Soul-Grown Dream Business Kit I give you the inner-foundations needed in order to stand in your power and call forth your Tribe – so you can most powerfully share with them all the love, wisdom and support you hold in your heart!


~4 Soul-Grown Dream Business Training Videos
~3 Soul-Grown Dream Business .PDF Modules….

…FILLED with the secrets I did NOT learn from the straightforward business coaches!

>> In this kit I share all the missing pieces of the puzzle that I gleaned from my journey WITHIN.
I give you the steps needed in order to create a loving, EMPOWERED biz aligned with your soul… a biz that nurtures YOURSELF as well as your clients! DREAMY!! 
Soul-Grown Dream Business Videos:
As a Soulful Entrepreneur you have an indisputable desire both to work for yourself, and to transform people’s lives. This is a given.
To make this happen, here are the basic foundations needed:

VIDEO 1) Unyielding trust in YOURSELF

VIDEO 2) Unyielding trust in the UNIVERSE 


Of course, once you have all of the above in place, there is no denying the importance of the practical aspects and logistics of your brand,
and how you position yourself as an expert on the web! I share about all of this in the added Bonus Video:

BONUS VIDEO 4) Soul-Grown Biz Practical Checklist:

Learn the practical Must-Haves you will want in place before you start selling!

Soul-Grown Dream Business .PDF’s:
The Kit also comes with 3 fantastic .PDF modules chock full of the juicy inner goodness you need to have in place in order to manifest your abundant, soul-centered success.

Module 1) Living your Truth; Living from Soul

Module 2) Generosity – the Energy of Connection and Non-Competition

Module 3) Building Your True Tribe from the Inside Out


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