Does this ever happen to you:

You finally – after working long and hard to raise your vibe, get into the groove and find your flow – start to feel energized and UP and unstoppable.

When suddenly – BAM! Something happens that makes you want to throw in the towel, and leaves you wondering why you even try.

When this happens, love, DON’T give up!

I swear, every time I have “upleveled” on my spiritual path – each time I’ve let go of blocks, processed through obstacles and finally started to feel free and clear to BE my true self and DO what I’ve come here in this lifetime to do, I receive a challenge that COULD, if I choose to let it, be a setback on my journey.

In fact, I used to ALLOW these sudden blows to become setbacks.

I’d allow the challenges to sap my energy and frustrate me – because I hadn’t fully realized that I am the captain of my own ship; the creator of my reality.

So – what are these challenges?

These challenges can come in the form of something happening, either in your personal life or in the life of someone close to you (because we can so often feel the feelings of others, right?), that causes anger, sadness or grief.

A challenge can also come in the form of someone saying something upsetting to you, or acting in a way that feels unhelpful to you.

The Truth is that – no matter what happens outside of you, and no matter what any other person says or does – you get to create how you want to feel, and what you desire to do/how you decide to act in the moment…at every moment.

And THAT is the lesson I’ve learned over the years, when, each time I take a couple steps forward, I end up facing a force that seems to want to push me more than a few steps back.

I have learned to not only rise up to MEET each challenge and face it head on, but to surpass it by choosing to feel happy no matter what, and to continue to move forward no matter what.


And – most amazing of all:

When a challenge comes that seems to threaten or unravel all I have worked towards, I realize that I MYSELF have CREATED that challenge from within to meet me on my path – SO THAT I can prove even more strongly to myself that:

I shall NOT let anything stop me from BEING myself, following my Soul’s True Path, and ACHIEVING my dreams!