Butterfly Transformation Session


For my Spiritual Leader Tribe – from cocoon to BUTTERFLY!

Spiritual healers, coaches, messengers, teachers – are you feeling the call to step fully into your Spiritual Leader power, but also experiencing resistance and fear?

I totally get it. I have been there. Ours can be a challenging path, to put it mildly!

You know it is your soul’s purpose to share your truth with your Tribe – but the thought of being visible enough to reach them makes you want to hide under a rock.

To think of sharing your messages and your gifts in a big way can feel so scary – sometimes you feel like if you show up to BE the Spiritual Leader you are here in this lifetime to BE, you will be shunned, banished, punished or even killed!


The fear is real, based on countless past lives of being horribly abused just for showing up as your true self. Sometimes this energy has carried through into this life, and someone – maybe a parent or teacher – shut you down in childhood when you talked about the magic you experienced, or the magical things you could do.

I am SO sorry this happened to you.

And I get it I get it I get it.

The pain of shutting your magic and your gifts down – of burying them deep in the darkest regions of your heart – squashing them down so forcefully that it hurts.

Your heart aches with your unrealized magic, gifts and dreams.

You know it is time to unlock your inner Treasure Chest and let out those gifts that ARE your Pure Beauty – the magic that makes you YOU.

But you feel to do so would be like opening Pandora’s Box.

You feel like your true essence and pure, undiluted AMAZINGNESS might not only scare people – it might even do them harm.

Please understand: This is now a false belief based on teachings from those past lives.

OR, you feel if you show your true self to the world, people will laugh at you, talk about you behind your back – or to your face, even! – and call you crazy….

Please know: Anyone who behaves this way IS NOT a member of your True Tribe – and they need to grow up, mind their own beeswax and get a hobby or three! 😉 – Or, as I like to think of them, they are not Inner Circle members of your Tribe…but perhaps they are OUTER Circle members, here to teach you what you DON’T want in your Inner Circle.

>> You can also use their behavior as fodder for you to stand even firmer in your Power, Divinity and TRUTH!

Either way, the “Outer Circle” peeps’ behavior is truly not worth getting yourself all worked up over.

Because, you see….

THIS is the lifetime where you GET TO BE YOU AND SHINE! Share your TRUTH and your MAGIC – and serve, serve, SERVE your True Tribe – once and for all!

It’s time to BE THE MAGIC you want to see in the world.

I can help you do just this!

From hibernating within your cocoon to blossoming as the BUTTERFLY YOU ARE….

I AM here to support your transformation and BE your biggest cheerleader as you say your Conscious YES to loving yourself enough to finally COME OUT of your cocoon, spread your Spiritual Leader Wings…and FLY!


Let it ring!

The Butterfly Transformation Sessions are one-on-one sessions with ME.

And who AM I?

I AM Astra – Spiritual Channel & W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Healer

for Spiritual Leaders!

I support YOU in stepping into your power and embracing your Truth…for SOUL-SOARING SUCCESS!

During these powerful sessions our energies partner together as I take you through my signature system for your inner healing, empowerment and abundance. We alchemize your lead to GOLD as you transform from cocoon to the BUTTERFLY you are here in this lifetime to BE.

Sessions run 50 minutes and are recorded for your reviewing pleasure.

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