In order to bring in the new, it’s got to be OUT WITH THE OLD first.

(And BTW – PELICAN will help carry away your old stuff – simply CALL on Pelican and ask for help with this task!)

We can’t over-stuff a suitcase that’s already way too full. The same goes for our energetic capacity to hold things.

So if you are trying to forge new paths and adopt new habits, old paths need to get crossed off the map…and old habits need to get dumped – at least energetically!

In order to do this – in order to energetically let go of this old stuff – old behaviors, routines, thought patterns, choices, etc. – we first need to be AWARE that they even exist.

A great place to start is to simply gauge how you are feeling in a given moment.

Do you feel vibrant, fresh, vital and buzzing with energy? Congratulations! You have already started living your NEW Successful Self!

Do you feel lethargic, low, down, upset, frustrated? That’s OK – that’s perfect. It simply means you are living your old paths, routines and behaviors that no longer work – and once you REALIZE this, you can then look into what the old energetic routines have been, so you know to let them go.

And THEN you get to create your NEW routines, paths, choices, behaviors – based on HOW YOU WANT TO FEEL.

It’s just awesome – you get to choose, every step of the way, what you want to create…and even better, YOU GET TO CREATE IT!

The more aware you become of what you no longer desire, the more you can dump the old and move into the fresh new creation of your True Heart’s Desires.


I am so excited to BE here with you during this part of your journey!



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