Take a Stand – for YOU!

Your greatest “outsides” are created from within.

How do you wish to feel?

How do you wish to FEEL – physically, emotionally, energetically?

  • Happy?
  • Healthy and vital?
  • Relaxed and at peace?


Make firm decisions regarding how you wish to feel and stand by them – daily, hourly.

Remind yourself of what you are now creating into your reality.


What do you want?

What physical manifestations are you ready for?

  • New clothes?
  • Money?
  • Ample organic groceries to fill your fridge and pantry?


Take a stand – make a firm decision that you WILL create these things (or others of your choosing) into your PHYSICAL REALITY – and say a Conscious YES to having them!

Take ownership of how you create your surroundings – be they energetic or physical.

Ask your heart and soul to SHOW you what your next divine step is, several times throughout the day.

CHOOSE to live soulfully and aligned with your True Desires.

Don’t take “NO” for an answer….

…from your SELF.

Say a Conscious YES – from your Self, and TO your Self; from your Truth, and to your Truth – all day, every day.


Take a stand for creating, living and BEing the amazement you desire to see in your World.


~ Astra