“Astra, I want to give a huge SHOUT-OUT to you and your unique brand of amazingness. I woke up yesterday morning with some huge clarity around my visibility, and I know that coming to your Soulpreneur membership group every week for several months helped me to have the courage to go DEEEEEEP into some old stuckness and constriction that I’ve been working to un-stick. Your focus on voice and visibility has helped me to find some of the sticking points, and I’m moving into a larger vision of myself than I believed was possible. These past few months have been about those really deep internal changes that make it seem like nothing’s happening on the surface, and can be frustrating. Oh, but it’s been happening, baby! Tectonic plates have been moving! Now I have to BE, and receive. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I appreciate you!”

~Jenny Griffin, The Power of Change

“I met Astra when I was on the verge of my wildest life change. She came to me straight after I had a dream about a “Shaman” – not even knowing what a Shaman was. She quickly invited me to a class I knew I must attend, and knew I didn’t have the money for – and she offered me a payment plan. I accepted. And, I worried every single second about how I’d pay for it. Looking back, it was such a small amount of money that had me worrying like crazy. Shortly after the class, she asked me for the money, and I didn’t have it. Well, she said, then go get it. So, for the first time in my life, I stepped out of my comfort zone with the intention to get her paid right away – and I did it! Hours later I had the money, and so happily delivered it to her place personally. It was my first instant financial manifestation!

Astra stays in my mind and heart ALWAYS as an example of INSTANT financial manifestation. I have since manifested thousands of dollars in a period of one day – multiple times – using the same mindset technique she inspired in me that day! Recently, I used her Sound Healing for Opening to Money to heal deeper wounds of poverty consciousness. Things in my Akashic Records. And I more-than-doubled my income, days after listening to her healing voice JUST ONCE! I recommend Astra to any of my friends and clients looking for sound healing. I have one friend who plays her money healing melodies over and over.

Thank You so much, Astra sister, for really being that Abundance that you so gracefully share. I am honored to be in this life with you. LOVE!”

~Gina LaVerde, B l i s s e d LIFE

“Astra, the work we have done together over the last few years has benefited me both personally and on a business/abundance level. Personally, it has always helped ground me on a day to day basis, given me tools to better neutralize stress, turn stress into victories as well as stay in the moment with choice making and living in my convictions and true self. That specific work has also transferred to my business endeavors and personal passion projects from running my own digital marketing business to executing on and fully funding a passion/arts-based crowd funding project that I’d like to eventually monetize. You have a keen insight into energy and abundance and I believe that anyone who chooses to work with you will reap many benefits.”

~Jeremy Glickstein, Chicago Marketing Solutions

“Astra – I’m noticing in my daily life, after all of your Abundance Audios I’ve listened to, that I’m allowing myself to relax and rest more – with the result that I’m finally recharging my batteries…so I can do more – and be more active – from a space of feeling energized and loving what I do! Every time I listen to your audios they have the same effect on me as when I listen to Abraham-Hicks: They put me back in the right vibration! I’m so Grateful I was guided to you and I’m so Happy with you in my life. I said it before and I still feel it this way: ‘With Astra next to you, you’re getting financially free too!’!”

~Katrijn Van Hauwaert

And more from Katrijn….
“Astra, I really LOVED and enjoyed everything from your Money course; all the audios and sound healings went very deep – and your Funbooks were REALLY fun to do and implement in daily life! It’s the first course I took, out of many courses over many years, that I really completed! I listened to everything and did everything, and it felt so good.

For more than 6 months I had been looking for a better place to live with my kids and cat. I was almost going to settle for a less-than-good feeling place, when after listening to one of the bonuses from your course, unexpectedly and out of the blue a WAY better place – with a better price – was presented to me. I fell in love with this little old house that has everything we need and is perfect for this phase of our lives! I was able to create the money for the deposit, too!

Also, I gave my daughter a fantastic birthday party! I didn’t know where to get the money for it, but I was in a good place emotionally, felt happy about the new home I found, was looking forward to the move and unexpectedly I had a new client I never had contact with before! She came to me and there was the money for my daughter ‘s party…. And another time I needed money and unexpectedly a previous client contacted me for a new session; and there again was money I loved to receive!

I broke a pair of glasses I borrowed and didn’t know where to get the moneyto pay for them. I received a message, again unexpected, that I had a bank account I had forgotten about (I opened it years ago for the birth of my son) with almost enough money to pay for the new glasses! I was guided to ask my father for advice, and that ended with him knowing about a great deal for a new pair of glasses – which he offered to pay for – so I now have new glasses!

Another source gave me unexpected money, and another one….Maybe sometimes these are little windfalls; yet I know if you honor the little windfalls, the big ones show up too! Feeling very Grateful – and so happy I met you! I am feeling more confident financially now! Thank you, Astra, so much!”

~Katrijn Van Hauwaert

“Since working with Astra I have experienced incredible breakthroughs in my mindset and money blocks, and I have been attracting more abundance and ideal customers! I have healed my old money stories, and I feel empowered because of the techniques and strategies I have applied to my life and business. I highly recommend Astra – she is truly gifted and channels information and wisdom that will help anyone who applies what she teaches. I feel extremely blessed for the support and guidance that Astra shares abundantly.”

~Karen Riordon Palmer – The Mindful Media Mom, www.globalkindnesstv.org

“I am thrilled to have personally worked with Astra. I had the true pleasure of working with her over the course of one of her 10 week programs. Her program was beautifully structured to help me move into my Vitality, Voice and Visibility Superpowers. I had been struggling with clarity in my business, which particularly affected my voice and visibility. Through her pointed questions and accountability she helped me see areas that I could work on to move me out of resistance and into more of ME. Astra helped me come to several awarenesses around what was blocking me from stepping into more. I was able to move forward into my business because of our work together.

Not only have I hired Astra as a coach, but I have become great friends with this beautiful soul. I have loved seeing her grow and expand into her message as she leads by example. She is definitely someone who walks her talk. Working with her is fun, explorative and productive. She will guide you into being all you can be. She herself is continually stepping up and into more in order to be able to share her gifts with the world, and she is gifted at helping others do the same.

Astra is a gifted, loving and kind guide who only wants the highest and best good for you and your life. I totally love and appreciate her, and I highly recommend working with her!”

~Robin Chellis, Light Alchemist – www.robinchellis.com

“For anyone in business who wants more than your average advice, I highly recommend working with Astra! Astra gives attention to where real success starts – on the inside! Your business can’t be thriving if you’re not. This means that her work is tailored specifically to YOU and your business.

How working with Astra has supported me so far:

We share an intuitive connection, so I don’t need to reinvent the wheel by explaining things in huge detail – Astra already knows. She has similar thinking to me relating to energy, which is in line with my business; rather than working with someone who completely ignores the energy body, and whose advice also ignores MY energy body and how I feel about doing specific marketing things that don’t FEEL right.

I’ve received inspiration in my biz that may not have come to me without working with her; inspiration that is in line with me.

Astra supports my whole being, which, as we know, is my business.

She gives advice and information specific to me and my business. When you receive guidance specific to where you’re at, you can move mountains in a short amount of time. I’ve worked with other (non-energist) biz mentors, and while they were helpful in their own ways, they suggested things that felt forced and not alignment with who I am. Astra goes for the energetic stuff FIRST – and then there’s no longer a struggle, because it’s just done and there! This is my approach to things in a nutshell.

Then there is her cheerful nature, and friendly and honest approach. She is a good listener and hears with her sixth sense as well as her ears. She’s real within herself as well in the work we do in sessions – and that shows.

We often share “goosebump” moments!”

~Kel Burch, Energist & Author

“Astra, it has been a great experience working with you in your Money course. I loved how you would tap into our questions/issues with your psychic abilities and provide guidance to us with an action plan. So very personalized to each one in the group, which was amazing!

~Kathy Perry, kathyperry.com

“Astra has a remarkable energy and loving presence. Through her work and creativity I have been able to connect with my own, and been assisted in raising my vibrations to a whole new level. I’m always keen to see, learn and discover Astra’s offerings to the world, as she is a trailblazer willing to be an example to all by stepping fully into her power. This has helped me – as she shines her light, I have been able to, also! Transformation is Astra’s game!”
~Michelle Anne Gould, Abundant Spirit Education
“Hi Astra, thanks so much for the healing session you did for my cat Jobie. I noticed right away she was calmer and started getting more affectionate with me, after almost 2 years of being aggressive and constantly fighting the other cats. Now, she has almost completely calmed down and cuddles in the bed with me every night. She is even starting to act friendly with the other kitties and playing with them! Thanks for being a catalyst to this newfound harmony in our household.”
~Kian Xie