I unzip my BEing and flowers coil out.
That which was hidden flows forth in a blooming frenzy.

I was afraid my brilliant innards would stun or kill.

But what happens is a miracle:

I smile and can breathe again.

Am unafraid of laughter,

of crooked pointing fingers

dooming me to hide within

for eons upon quiet eons

in the deep forest of infernal night.

This lifetime is the one to make it right.

No banishings or punishings

to curl me tight in a ball of smallness –

No more hangings, death-by-drownings.

No more shaming, framing, whipping.

That was then – and NOW is when
I open up my soul again.

I peel my leaves down to the stem.

I wish for nothing:

I AM what I’ve been waiting for.

I walk through the door to Freedom – NOW.

I AM here, NOW.