I was about to start preparing dinner, when this thing happened. I was on my way to the kitchen and decided to first open my laptop and quickly check on the delivery status of my Amazon order. So I did that – then, since I was already on the computer, I popped over to my email to see if there was anything new going on there…you know how it goes. 😉 Once in my email, I noticed I had many new messages from LinkedIn.

Ah,” I thought. “I updated my job title last night, so there are 20+ peeps who popped into the messaging system to say Congrats.” I popped over to LinkedIn and lo and behold, there were Congrats abounding. So I replied to everyone with quick “Thank You’s,” and then noticed I had about 9 new notifications. So I popped over to the notifications. They were mainly just updates on some of my colleagues’ profiles…with the exception of a couple reactions on one of my posts.

You see, recently a colleague and healer friend asked me to be part of a free meditations giveaway that she was putting together. I was very pleased and honored – as it can feel hard to put myself out there at times. I loved her idea for this event. It feels really good because while I am sharing about my own free gift, I’m also sharing about all the other healers in the event.

I love to support the success of my spiritual entrepreneur Tribe!

Anyway, I had posted about the Sacred Energies Meditation GiftAway on my LinkedIn profile, knowing that many of my connections there would love to receive the free meditations. It was on this post that I had a couple of reactions. One was a “Like” from my dear friend Eva, a wonderful soul and talented healer and teacher.

The other reaction was a comment from a man who had been one of my LinkedIn connections (and no, I won’t share his name, because I’m not like that). It was an icky comment, so I quickly deleted it – but I remember the gist of it – it basically said (referring to me and the other healers in the meditation giveaway):

“You clowns are so full of ego. I am ashamed to call myself spiritual.”

Ummm – what? LOL…. As I said I deleted it right away, because my LinkedIn profile is MY Sacred Space (as are ALL of my social media profiles) – plus, I don’t get into it with people who are not positive souls. However as I saw his name and picture, I remembered that we had been connected. I popped over to his profile to disconnect from him (and noticed we were already disconnected, which was okeedokee by me!) – and glanced at his info to see what he does for a living. And yes, it is some sort of spiritual work. Hmmm….

If I were to have responded to his comment, here is what I would have said (I want to share it with YOU, because it is such an important message for us all!):

“Sir, don’t you KNOW how hard it can be for us spiritual, sensitive souls to take action, share our gifts and put our good work out in the world?

Don’t you know how SCARY this can feel, due to having experienced many past lives of pain, punishment, banishment and being killed when we tried to share our messages from God and the Universe?

Don’t you know that in this lifetime when I take a step to become more visible and get seen by my Tribe, I still experience the physical symptoms of being beaten and punished in those past lives?

Don’t you know how hard the inner work has been for us to even get to this point?

Don’t you know what a long journey we’ve been on to heal from several lifetimes of living in fear, or having our lives taken from us just because we are Messenger Souls?

Don’t you know? Don’t you know how much COURAGE we are displaying by coming together in this way and sharing our meditations and healing out into the big expanse of a world?


Well, he may never know, or he may some day figure it out. It is not my job to make him see.

From where I stand, a far more productive way to spend my time and energy is to share this message as my gift to YOU – my beautiful, amazing #ButterflyTribe, ready to open your wings and BE the amazing Spiritual Leaders you came here in this lifetime to BE!

I don’t get many “haters” – truly I don’t – but when I do, I transmute the event into exactly the fodder I need in order to SING my Messages of Truth from the mountaintops – and anywhere else they are needed!


When your Truth pushes other people’s buttons, just SHINE like the brightly colored Star you are – and keep on shining!

The World needs your light!

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Astra | Empowered Biz Butterfly and W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alchemist

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