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Thus is the Truth of the New Earth as it has birthed into BEing.

This Truth has been something I have been learning, over and over again, for the past several years.

It has taken me vast amounts of inner healing – and processing of old fear – to get to this place of Peace.

>> In fact, vast amounts of inner healing and the processing of old fear is how I would describe the empowerment journeys of most of the members of my True Tribe – the Spiritual Leaders of Earth!

Does this feel familiar to you?

You are a Spiritual Leader if….

  • You know you have a message to share with your people (your Tribe).
  • You feel driven by your purpose/purposes (Soul, Life and Earth).
  • You’ve always known in your gut you are here in this lifetime to teach and make an impact.
  • You’ve always wanted to help people, animals or the Earth – or any combo thereof!
  • You are someone people have always felt comfortable talking to and sharing their problems with – as if they sensed you are a trustworthy guide and visionary.
  • You have spiritual gifts – probably many! – and you always sensed you were meant to use them in order to make the world a better place.

>> BUT…challenges have often arrived when it comes to sharing your gifts and truth with your Tribe in a big way.

Old, often ANCIENT fears have cropped up continuously on your journey – and, far too many times, you seem to take one step forward and two steps back when it comes to stepping into your power and embracing success!

Chances are you have been following, and likely have worked with, a good number of business coaches and teachers who offer valuable tips, tricks and tools to make your Spiritual Leader biz stand out – and to help you achieve your desired success.

And although all of their teachings hold worth, something just hasn’t clicked yet WITHIN you. You put their guidance to use in your biz, and see some movement forward – but things tend to revert back to a state of stagnation.

And you can’t put your finger on why everything these coaches tell you to do just doesn’t seem to work for you.

I am here to share with you – that I have had this EXACT experience with the programs out there!

Don’t get me wrong – there are biz coaches and abundance teachers that I love. 

But there’s always been a little something missing from many of the sources I have delved into while on my several-year search for support.

No disrespect to any coach or teacher – but there was something I needed more of – more, more, and yet MORE – that didn’t seem to be supplied in spades.

And that something (or somethingS) is/are…. 



VIBRATIONAL mentoring.

VIBRATIONAL channeled teaching.

What do I mean by vibrational?


Because EVERYTHING carries an energetic vibration – and so each and every “thing,” or vibration, that exists or occurs in your life can affect: 

  • How you conduct your biz.
  • How you are with money.
  • How you own and create your state of Whole Health.
  • How you create a loving relationship with Self.
  • How you step (or don’t step) fully into your power.
  • How you embrace (or shy away from) being visible – seen and heard – with your Truth, your Vision and your Message.

In fact, ALL of the most important ingredients that lead to success in your Soul Biz as the Spiritual Leader you are! And all of the aspects that combine to allow you to be of the highest support for your beautiful Tribe!

AND SO, what I’ve learned from experience is that WE, the Sensitive Ones, need as much vibrational support as possible when it comes to navigating our Soulful SUCCESS!

It’s amazing how often the vibrational aspect of being an empowered human – and of being a successful “Soulpreneur”/Spiritual Leader – is left out of the equation when it comes to biz coaching/teaching/programs.

Look: We, the Magical, Multi-dimensional Messengers, just Don’t. Do. Business. The same way those who are NOT on their journeys of spiritual awakening do business! 

That’s just a simple fact. 

And what this MEANS is that we, the Magical, Multi-dimensional Messengers with biz platforms NEED A SPACE that provides the type of support we ACTUALLY require – the VIBRATIONAL support needed to…energetically and on a soul level…STEP into our personal power, OWN our gifts and LIVE our Truth – while sharing our messages out into the world!

Here’s the absolute Truth, and I will SING IT from the rooftops:

>> YOUR SUCCESS makes MY heart soar!

>> And it is my Soul Purpose to support you in connecting with your Most Powerful Creator SELF!

So how could I NOT provide a space for you to create that success, most magically, from within the beautiful depths of your CREATOR SOUL? 

And as a result of my Creation – The W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Evolution Academy – you will experience the ABSOLUTE DEEPEST VIBRATIONAL SUPPORT POSSIBLE – while our AH-mazing Spiritual Leader teachers connect with you on a soul level and support your Most Empowered SELF – as you journey on the path of your soulfully successful Biz and Life Creations!

ALSO – Know this:


I AM here for you – always, and in ALL WAYS Vibrational…ASTRA-nomically!!

As are ALL of the divine Teachers that join me here, in deep support of your Empowerment, Abundance and Success as the Spiritual Leader you are here in this lifetime to BE!


ASTRA – Director of Empowered Biz Success: Astra (that’s me!) is the Empowered Biz Butterfly and W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alchemist for the Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Gifted Spiritual Leaders of Earth. A shaman in several lifetimes, she has healed herself from over a dozen chronic physical ailments purely through energy work and by shifting her vibration. She has also healed herself on the levels of emotions and mind, and now relishes creating her amazing existence from within. Astra supports you in restoring a deep connection with your soul, stepping into your most courageous Self, and unleashing your Truth…The Truth you came here in this lifetime to share with your Tribe. Astra says: “Everything is possible. Your dreams are your Truth. You hold all that you need within your BEing in order to create Soul-Soaring Success!

JACQUELINE SPAARGAREN – Director of Empowered Self-Love: Jacqueline is an Empowerment Journey Life Coach, teacher, shaman and Priestess. She is an expert in energy and mind-body connection. She assists her tribe in understanding the subconscious language of the body, and restores them to whole health, fully walking in their Empowered Sovereignty. Jacqueline is truly an alchemist of Love. She says: “Self-Love is the most important Love to master.

MARY KNEBEL – Director of Empowered Money: Mary is a Money Mindset and Manifestation Coach, and helps you make money doing what you love. She helps you unlock your soul and be who you REALLY are, and from *that* place everything you’re desiring is attracted right to you because you’re whole and complete within. Mary says, “You can CHOOSE to feel happy, wealthy, abundant, and free, no matter what is happening all around you. That’s when the magic and miracles happen!”

What WE + YOU work on together, vibrationally, for your Whole Soul Success:

  • Your money, abundance & prosperity vibration
  • Your empowerment, Owning your TRUTH & BEing who you ARE
  • Your confidence as Messenger in this lifetime
  • Your journey into COURAGEOUS LIVING
  • Your Visibility Comfort Zone
  • Your relationship with Self/Self-Love (which then positively carries over into relationships with your Tribe members and others!)
  • Your Whole Soul Health and wellness on all levels of your BEing
  • Your Inner Peace (#InnerPeace4WorldPeace is one of my mottos!)
  • Your TRUST in your Self and God/Universe/the Force/the Power of Creation
  • Your unique manifesting and CREATION power – That you may design your divine Biz, Abundance, Relationships and life intentionally in every moment
  • Your ability to heal your Self – and any situation – on all levels, at all times
  • AND…The healing, happiness & comfort of your Animal babies – who support you in so many ways – seen and unseen; let’s shower them with healing and love!

What You Receive as a Member:

>> Weekly Archangel Healing/Manifesting Circles – Get clear on what you truly desire to create into your life and the Archangels will do the rest!

>> EIGHT!! Master Classes per MONTH on the topics of Biz Success, Money, Whole Soul Health and Self-Love, with…not ONLY me, Astra…but also ALL of the amazing WISDOM TEACHERS within our group. They truly are some of the most POWERFUL vibrational teachers I have experienced on Earth to date!

>> Four Monthly W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alignment Distance Healing Circles performed by Astra – Distance healing sessions designed to align you with your Whole-Health, Empowerment, Abundance, Love, Transcendence & Happiness! (Plus, your Animal babies get to receive these healings when they desire! I have an automatic energy check-in set up, and the Animals let me know vibrationally. 😉 )

>> Daily Prompts (with weekends off for R, R & R – Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation) – Channeled Vibrational Prompts are posted within the Facebook group to keep us on track re: our W.E.A.L.T.H.™ – our Whole Soul Health, Empowerment, Abundance, Love, Transcendence and Happiness!

>> 4 Weekly Teaching and Support Posts where you can share your Biz Success, Money & Manifesting, Whole Soul Health and Self-Love challenges and questions – and our Teachers will personally guide you and share vibrational wisdom to support you in shifting into your Most Successful Self!

>> PLUS – yet MORE mentoring! Pop-Up Divine Channeled Vibrational Teaching/Healing via Facebook Lives

>> Access to the Academy “Vault” – Includes 2+ YEARS worth of Empowerment Master Classes, Sound Healings, Courses, Programs and other vibrational W.E.A.L.T.H.™ tools – at the ready, to be explored and enjoyed by you!

>> Access to the M.A.P. to Money™ Treasure Chest – Contains 2+ YEARS worth of M.A.P. to Money™ Master Classes, Sound Healings, Meditations, .PDF’s, Vibrational Alignments, Affirmations, Channeled Messages, courses, programs and more – all designed to bring you into alignment with abundance!

>> And MORE Surprise Bonus Gifties! WOOT!!

I’m not going to do that whole specific numeric monetary breakdown/value thing. I KNOW and OWN the value of EVERY THING that is being offered here. 

The TRUTH that I WILL impart: The materials already included in the membership ALONE are worth thousands and thousands of dollars in and of themselves.

>> AND, the classes and support yet to come are at least quadruple that value. 

ALL of our Teachers are ROCK STARS in their fields of expertise – and you will feel your Earthly experience TRANSFORM when you say a Conscious YES to your Total Empowerment as your AMAZING Spiritual Leader SELF! 

You will LOVE the amazing support that you’ll receive from US ALL – And WE are FREAKING ECSTATIC and READY to support the YOU you KNOW you came here TO BE in this LIFETIME!



Not to mention…AT PEACE-YOU.



Loves, we know you are ready to release fear

and relax into your True Self

while welcoming in HUGE SUCCESS.

>> We provide plush (energy) blankies ;), relaxation and dreaminess WHILE AT THE SAME TIME offering you CRAZY AMAZING ENERGETIC SUPPORT FORWARD on your Empowerment Journeys into All Abundance and Spiritual Leader Success! 



JOIN ANNUALLY HERE (>> Save $287!):

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