To the Multi-Dimensional,

Multi-Gifted Spiritual Leaders of Earth:



YES! This Hub’s for YOU – My Spiritual Leader BUTTERFLIES….

I’m talking the NEW Marianne Williamsons, Deepak Chopras, Louise Hays and Wayne Dyers of Earth…those of you who’ve come here, like these guys before you, to create – and TEACH of – a more empowered, healed and peaceful planet:

  • By sharing your messages and gifts with your Tribe.
  • By speaking your Truth.
  • By BEing 100% YOU!

I am thrilled, at long last, to announce that I have created the space – THE SCHOOL, really – I always wished was here for ME when I was starting out on my own soul biz journey – my journey of becoming the Spiritual Leader I AM here to BE, and creating my biz from this place!

Don’t get me wrong – there are biz coaches and abundance teachers out there that I love. But there’s always been a little something missing from many of the sources I have delved into while on my search for support.

No disrespect to any coach or teacher – but there was something I needed more of – more, more, and yet MORE – that didn’t seem to be supplied in spades.

And that something (or somethingS)  is/are….



VIBRATIONAL mentoring.

VIBRATIONAL channeled teaching.

What do I mean by vibrational?


Because EVERYTHING carries an energetic vibration – and so each and every “thing,” or vibration, that exists or occurs in your life can affect:

  • How you conduct your biz.
  • How you are with money.
  • How you own and create your state of Whole Health.
  • How you create your relationships with self and others.
  • How you step (or don’t step) fully into your power.
  • How you embrace (or shy away from) being visible – seen and heard – with your Truth, your Vision and your Message.

In fact, ALL of the most important ingredients that make up success in your Soul Biz as the Spiritual Leader you are! And all of the aspects that combine to allow you to be of the highest support for your beautiful Tribe!

AND SO, what I’ve learned from experience is that WE, the Sensitive Ones, need as much vibrational support as possible when it comes to navigating our Soulful SUCCESS!

It’s amazing how often the vibrational aspect of being human – and of being a “Soulpreneur” – is left out of the equation when it comes to biz coaching/teaching/programs.

Listen: We, the Magical, Multi-dimensional Messengers, just Don’t. Do. Business. The same way those who are not on their journeys of spiritual awakening do business!

That’s just a simple fact. And it’s perfectly fine!

HOWEVER – what that DOES mean is that we, the Magical, Multi-dimensional Messengers with biz platforms NEED A SPACE that provides the type of support we ACTUALLY require – the vibrational support needed to…energetically and on a soul level…STEP into our personal power, OWN our gifts and LIVE our Truth – while sharing our messages out into the world!

Before I share all of the AWESOMENESS you receive as a member of Create Your YOUniverse-ity, I’d love to tell you a fun and amazing story.

Towards the end of last year (2018), I was feeling overwhelmed in my biz. I had gone through what I call a “soul re-brand” – and the new biz, Create Your YOUniverse, was born.

I had the new blog, Facebook page and YouTube channel up and running, and I was feeling good – but still, I knew I needed some sort of support – some assistance to take the weight off my shoulders so I could focus on the CREATION aspect of my biz, rather than worrying about all the technical biz details.

So I said out loud (and FYI, this is how my most powerful manifestations have come into BEing – by me simply stating clearly what I wanted!)…I said:

“Wouldn’t it be cool if I had the perfect Virtual Assistant come along and take some of this biz weight off my shoulders?”

Within a matter of days, a former (and now, again, current) client with whom I’m connected on Facebook PM’d me and excitedly offered to be my Virtual Assistant (!), sharing details of how she could support me and also how she could offer an extremely wonderful and special energy exchange – her services for mine! (And here, please NOTE: I DON’T do “trades” – but this particular offer was utterly divinely designed – and I knew I was the one who manifested it perfectly…divinely…into my life! 😉 )

Remember…I hadn’t mentioned to ANYONE that having a V.A. was a desire of mine.

I had simply said it out loud, by myself in a room – and SHE came to ME!

And here comes the fun part (yes, it’s already fun but now it gets EVEN MORE fun 😉 ):

We settled on what our exchange would be, and then she told me to just let her know how she could be of service.

As I felt into it and let it simmer for a while, I realized…I didn’t want any technical biz help at ALL at the present time!!

What I ACTUALLY desired was VIBRATIONAL support!

I wanted someone to BE there for me – to support me energetically – to be a WITNESS for, and acknowledge, all that I was experiencing on a soul level on my transformational journey from Messenger chrysalis to Spiritual Leader BUTTERFLY!

Someone to be my Mirror. To see me. To hear me.

Knowing that when we are seen and heard, our transformation is already in progress.

So I emailed her and told her all this. Lucky for me this magic lady is also an energy healer who’s into all-things-vibrational (in addition to her tech & biz gifts) – so she fully understood my needs. She knew exactly what I was talking about.

And so we set forth on our journey of witnessing, mirroring, exchange and support!

And we are partnering still. WOW! All this from a clear statement of my True Desire, and the manifestation/Creation which ensued thereof.

Oh, yes – AND the realization that I didn’t yet need “techy” or “biz” support to grow and expand my biz. No amount of tech or marketing support would help me if I didn’t first align myself, energetically and soulfully, with my own Creation and manifestation of success.

There’s the rub, right? I don’t – WE don’t – really need yet another biz “action” tool, technique, exercise or goal-setting system.

We’ve got ‘em saved in our Files up the wazoo, am I right? 😉

I mean, that stuff can OF COURSE be good and helpful, but at the end of the day it actually WON’T WORK if we are not first VIBRATIONALLY ALIGNED with our Truth, our abundance, our power, our Whole Health, our Happiness, our Inner Peace….

For, when we finally ARE aligned with these things, we are then in a position to BE the most successful CREATORS of our lives, businesses & relationships that we can BE!


IN FACT, we are aligned with our CREATION VIBRATION….

And THEN, and only then, if we feel the need to reach into the archives for those cool coaching tools and exercises, or hire biz and marketing support, we will FINALLY be applying these things from a space of TOTAL abundance, receiving, joy…and complete ALLOWING.

Allowing ourselves to be ALIGNED with our Divine Success.

And THAT is what I provide for you in Create Your YOUniverse-ity: The Synergistic Source for Your Most Divine Design!

I AM your Mirror – your Witness – your Vibrational support – your healercoachmentorteacher of all things SOUL SUCCESS.

Your biggest cheerleader, your cohort and your CHAMPION.

We work TOGETHER – synergistically – to allow YOU the soul support and space you need to create and design the Magical, Multi-dimensional Success Story that IS possible for YOU when you GIFT yourself permission to transform.


Here’s the absolute Truth, and I will SING IT from the rooftops:

YOUR SUCCESS makes MY heart soar!

How could I NOT provide a space for you to create that success, most magically, from within the beautiful, magical depths of your CREATOR Self? 😉

Know this:


I AM here for you – always, and in ALL WAYS Vibrational…ASTRA-nomically!!

What we work on together, vibrationally, for your Whole Soul Success:

  • Your money, abundance & prosperity vibration
  • Your empowerment, Owning your TRUTH & BEing who you ARE
  • Your confidence as Messenger in this lifetime
  • Your journey into COURAGEOUS LIVING
  • Your Visibility Comfort Zone
  • Your relationship with Self/Self-Love (which then positively carries over into relationships with your Tribe members and others!)
  • Your Whole Health and wellness on all levels of your BEing
  • Your Inner Peace (#InnerPeace4WorldPeace is one of my mottos!)
  • Your TRUST in your Self and God/Universe/the Force/the Power of Creation
  • Your unique manifesting and CREATION power – That you may design your divine Biz, Abundance, Relationships and life intentionally in every moment
  • Your ability to heal your Self – and any situation – at all times, in every way
  • AND…The healing, happiness & comfort of your Animal babies – who support you in so many ways – seen and unseen; let’s shower them with healing and love!

The YOUniverse-ity Membership Amenities:

Quarterly Courses – Our first quarterly course began April 15 and is now available in the YOUniverse-ity “Vault”:

Design Your Divine Relationships (With Self & Others)

(These quarterly courses occur the last 2 weeks of the first month of each quarter. Course topics range from the following and more, as guided: Whole Health, Money Mastery, Empowerment, Biz Success, Self-Love, Manifesting Magic & Miracles, Animal Communication. All courses are vibrationally infused with Empowerment for you on every level of your BEing.)

Quarterly Programs – Our first quarterly program began May 6th and is now available in the YOUniverse-ity “Vault”:

Well, Wise and WORTH IT!

The Boundless Journey to a Healthy YOU

(These programs occur the final 8 weeks of each quarter. Program topics, as guided, range from the following and more, as guided: Whole Health, Money Mastery, Empowerment, Biz Success, Self-Love, Manifesting Magic & Miracles, Animal Communication. All programs are vibrationally infused with Empowerment for you on every level of your BEing.)

Empowerment Sound Healings – Channeled, recorded and shared with the group every other month.

Weekly Archangel Healing/Manifesting Circles Get clear on what you desire to manifest into your life and the Archangels will do the rest!

Twice Monthly W.E.A.L.T.H.™ Alignment Distance Healing Circles – For you and your animal companions! Distance healing sessions designed to align you and your Animal Beloveds with your Whole-Health, Empowerment, Abundance, Love, Transcendence & Happiness!

Twice Monthly Chakra Clearing and Balancing Sessions Distance energy work to balance and clear your chakras (energy centers)…for energetic revitalization, refreshment and renewal…to support you in BEing your most successful SELF!

Daily Prompts (with weekends off for R, R & R – Rest, Relaxation and Rehabilitation) – Prompts occur within the Facebook group to keep us on track re: our biz, abundance, empowerment, whole health, inner peace, creation/manifestation and animal healing journeys!

Unlimited Personalized Divine TeachingWithin our private Facebook group. Ask me your questions, share your challenges…and I will bring forth Divine Channeled Teachings tailor-made for your Unique situations! Ask and you shall receive!

(PLUS – MORE mentoring!) Pop-Up Divine Channeled Teaching/Healing via Facebook Lives Will give notice so you can ask your questions/share your challenges before-hand, and I will address them within the Live trainings.

Access to the YOUniverse-ity “Vault” – Includes 2+ YEARS worth of BONUS Empowerment Master Classes, Sound Healings and more – at the ready, to be explored and enjoyed by you!

Access to the M.A.P. to Money™ Library – Contains 2+ YEARS worth of M.A.P. to Money™ Master Classes, Sound Healings, Meditations, .PDF’s, Vibrational Alignments, Affirmations, Channeled Messages, courses, programs and more – all designed to bring you into alignment with abundance.

And MORE surprise Bonus Gifties in the “Vault”! WOOT!!

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